The Best Gear for the Ultimate Console Gaming Experience

By Tom Pritchard on at

Right now is a great timer to be a gamer, what with it being the middle of the autumn launch window. The likes of Halo 5, Destiny The Taken King, and Assassin's Creed Syndicate have all arrived and games like Uncharted 4, Fallout 4, Black Ops III, and Star Wars: Battlefront are on their way.

We already covered some of the best gaming gear for PC gamers back in August, but now it's time the console gamers got their fix.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation Camera, £38.09

Sony's answer to Kinect, the PlayStation Camera is a motion sensing device for use with a number of PS4 games, and includes a microphone for shouting voice commands at your TV. The amount of stuff its compatible isn't huge, but there's plenty of use for a cameras on your games console. [Buy it here]

PS Vita, £169 

The PS Vita might be one of Sony's more neglected platforms everywhere outside of Japan, but that doesn't mean it's not worth having. Not only is it a dedicated mobile gaming console of its own, it's also possible to stream and play PS4 games without having to sit in front of your console. No more having to pause your game while you take care of some business round the house. Plus, it's cheaper than an Xperia smartphone. For now. [Buy it here]

PlayStation TV, £40

The gadget that's like having a PS4 connected to your TV, but not. The PlayStation TV is a device for streaming your PlayStation games to a large screen TV without having to be physically connected to them. That means the PS4, PS Vita, PSP, and so on. It also lets you stream movies and TV direct from the PlayStation Store. Plus, buy it now and you get three Vita games included absolutely free. [Buy it here]

Thrustmaster VG T300RS Racing Wheel, £420

A very expensive racing wheel, but if you're serious then you might as well go for one of the best. This wheel is compatible with the PS4, PS3, and PC, coming with a full range of features like force feedback steering, realistic brake resistance, and one hell of a nice brushed metal design. [Buy it here]

Nyko Smart Clip, £16

A second screen experience while you're playing isn't something the PlayStation app is known for, but if you have an Xperia (or a rooted Android device) it does mean streaming your PS4 games to your phone. If you plan on doing that, obviously attaching the controller to your phone is going to be more beneficial. You could also attach it to a Vita if you'd rather not use the handheld's own controls. [Buy it here]

Dualshock 4 Charging Station, £24

One of the great things about the PS4 controllers is that the battery packs are built into the controller, and doesn't require you to have batteries or a specialised battery pack. But if you want to keep them fully charged, you generally have to keep them plugged in with a wire, which can get messy. Instead, keep them docked into this charging station. It's neat, it doesn't ruin the aesthetic of your console, and it has space for two controllers. [Buy it here]

Xbox One


The Xbox One's camera/mic accessory didn't go down so well at launch, so now it's available as a secondary accessory. It was criticised for being rather useless at first, but with the upcoming update fitting into Windows 10 and featuring Cortana you might wish your console had a background microphone. Plus you can use it for Skype, and some gameplay integration. [Buy it here]

Digital TV Tuner, £20.02

So you want to ditch your TV, but you still enjoy live TV. Or you just want to streamline all your stuff into a single box. You can! With the Xbox One's digital TV tuner. It plugs into the consoles USB port, and once you get it plugged into an aerial you're good to go. It's got a nice interface, the Sky+-style live pause function, and coming soon is the option to record live TV shows to an external hard drive. because it's TV on an Xbox also means you can control it with Kinect voice commands, Smartglass, the controller, and the media remote. Plus you can throw TV to your phone/tablet in case you actually want to use your console to play games. [Buy it here]

Stereo Headset Adaptor, £20

If you have one of the older Xbox One controllers, chances are you won't be able to use any headset you like. If you've got a headset with a 3.5mm connector you'll need this adaptor to get it to work, otherwise it's useless. The headset you plug in also piggybacks onto the console's audio, so you can mute the TV. [Buy it here]

Play and Charge Kit, £18

Unlike the PS4, the Xbox One doesn't have a battery pack built into the controller. Yes you could use rechargeable batteries, but you can't charge those while you're playing. So why not get yourself a play and charge kit? It's a rechargeable battery pack that lives inside the controller and you charge it by plugging in a micro USB cable. [Buy it here]

Nyko Xbox One Smart Clip, £16

When it comes to the use of the mobile device, Microsoft hasn't quite got the same level of appeal as PlayStation. Still, Smartglass is an useful tool for keeping track of your dashboard, typing, and all sorts of other things that are a pain to do when you're playing a game. Instead of chucking your phone on the sofa next to you, try investing in one of these. With the Smart Clip you can actually turn Smartglass into a proper second screen experience without having to let go of your controller all the time. [Buy it here]

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari Edition, £300

So buying a wheel that costs as much as a console seems a big strange, but if you;re serious about your racing games you're going to need one. This one from Thrustmaster has force feedback, smooth zero latency steering, and is completely adjustable to match how you prefer to sit. It's also compatible with PC if you download the right drivers. [Buy it here]

Wii U

Gamecube Adapter, £19

Some games, like Smash Bros. play better with the classic Gamecube controller, as do the retro games you download from the eShop. You can't just plug the Gamecube controller into the console like you could with the Wii, you need the adapter. So get one, and you'll be button mashing in no time. You might as well get yourself a Gamecube controller while you're at it. [Buy it here]

amiibo Carry Case, £10

amiibo are compatible with a whole bunch of Wii U games, but unlike the block-shaped console they're not easy to carry around. Whether you're taking them to a tournament, moving mouse, or just storing them out of the way, you'll need a carry case. This one, shaped like the famous question mark block from the Mario games, stores 10-12 characters and can easily be carried around. [Buy it here]