The Best Gifts for Capitol-Busting Hunger Games Fans

By Tom Pritchard on at

The final instalment in the Hunger Games film franchise is finally in cinemas, which means we can all see what happens when Jennifer Lawrence has an army and a vendetta against Donald Sutherland. It's a finale that's been three years coming, but before you head down to the cinema to see what happens make sure to check out some of this Hunger Games-themed merch.

The Hunger Games Triple Pack, £10/£15

Before you head off to the cinema, you should probably catch upon the story so far, so get yourself the first three films in the Hunger Games series on DVD or Blu-ray. That way you won't sit down to watch the latest film and find yourself with no clue about what's going on. [Buy the DVD boxset here] [Buy the Blu-ray boxset here]

Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset, £18

There's always one person that says that the books are better than the film, and if you want to find out if that's true then look no further. Obviously these things are spoiler-incarnate, but if you enjoyed the films that much then you should see where those stories officially came from. [Buy it here]

Mockingjay Badge, £3.07

You all know that the Mockingjay is the symbol of the rebellion, and it's all due to the fact Katniss wore a mockingjay badge during her first bout in the Hunger Games. So what better purchase to show your love for the franchise than a badge of your own? [Buy it here]

Katniss Everdeen Pop! Vinyl, £15

There's a Pop! Vinyl for everything these days, and The Hunger Games is no exception. So expand your growing collection of figurines-with-oversized-heads with one of the girl on fire herself. [Buy it here]

District 12 Board Game, £30

There's no official video game adaptation of The Hunger Games, but given how movie tie-in games end up that's probably for the best. If you're still itching for some Panem-based gaming fun, however, you can treat yourself to the board game version instead. The goal is to collect resources and avoid having your name selected for participation in the blood-fuelled Hunger Games. [Buy it here]

ViVo Archery Set Game, £20

Archery has had a much bigger presence in the world of cinema, in part thanks to The Hunger Games and Katniss's weapon/hunting tool of choice. If you have kids, or you're interested in casual archery for yourself, this could go a long way. You've got the bow, some arrows, and targets to get practising with. It's not the same as serious archery lessons, but it's an easy (and less dangerous) start. [Buy it here]

The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook, £17

Food isn't really something you think of when you watch The Hunger Games films, mainly because a lot of people are starving. Still, that hasn't stopped people creating their own themed dishes. This book doesn't have any of the extravagant dishes eaten by the citizens of The Capitol, but it does have 150 fairly humble dishes inspired by District 12.  [Buy it here]

Hunger Games themed mug, £21

We all need something to enjoy our daily brew, and there's no better way to express your love for the franchise than with this mug. In case you don't know, it's the in-universe equivalent of "good luck" to all participants in the Hunger Games. [Buy it here]

The Hunger Games Movie Prop Nylon Sack, £40

This is a pricey one, but it is a replica of the bags given to tributes in the film series. So now you can carry all your stuff around without having to worry about having your head cut off. [Buy it here]

District 12 T-Shirt, £15

There are plenty of Hunger Games-themed shirts out there, but most of them have the Mockingjay on them. If you want something a little different, try this out for size. It's a fairly minimalist shirt with a design loosely based in the District branding in the film series. [Buy it here]

'Hope' Poster, £17

Walls need to be decorated, and this minimalist design will look fantastic on the wall of any Hunger Games fan's living room/office/bedroom. [Buy it here]

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