The Best LEGO Sets of 2015: City, Star Wars, Jurassic World, Doctor Who and More

By Tom Pritchard on at

As 2015 draws to a close, it's time to start looking back at the many cool things the year gave us. So why not the best Lego sets of 2015? We could look back at sports results (too fat), news events (too sad), or gadgetry (OK, we love a bit of that), but let's do something a little bit more fun, eh? Let's look at some of the brilliant Lego sets that got unleashed upon the world since January 1st.

Best LEGO Sets of 2015

Millennium Falcon, £100

Best LEGO Sets

The new Star Wars film is heading to cinemas in less than three weeks time, so obviously it came with a bunch of Lego sets. If you have to buy one, and only one, the clear choice is Han Solo's super-speedy hunk of junk. This one comes with Chewbacca, an aged Han, Finn, Rey, BB-8, and a couple of gangsters. [Buy it here]

Louvre, £45

Best LEGO Sets

Lego's Architecture range definitely isn't designed to be played with, making this perfect for the intrepid adult Lego collectors out there. The Louvre is one of three in this range released in 2015, and it's by far the nicest. It's not the first landmark you'd think of when you hear about Paris, but it's definitely one of the nicest. [Buy it here]

Wall-E, £50

Best LEGO Sets

Lego Ideas has given us a great many fantastic sets, and this year it brought us everyone's favourite adorable robot Wall-E. It's a fantastic replica of the film's garbage-compacting protagonist, albeit slightly more blocky. It's also completely posable, and has working tracks - just like the real thing. If you love the film, you need this on one of your shelves. [Buy it here]

Jurassic World T-Rex Tracker, £60

Best LEGO Sets

Dinosaurs are awesome, and it was great seeing them frolicking across the cinema screen again with the release of Jurassic World. The film also came with a selection of themed Lego sets, and it's obvious that the best one comes with the T-Rex. Not the Indominus Rex, the franchise's breakout character is the much better choice. [Buy it here]

Lego City Space Port, £56

Best LEGO Sets

Space has the power to kickstart the imagination, which makes space-themed Lego a no brainer. What better way to showcase that than with a Lego version of the mighty space shuttle and it's launch pad? [Buy it here]

Boba Fett's Slave I, £196

Best LEGO Sets

Another entry from the Star Wars universe, but this time it's Han Solo's nemesis rather than the man himself. The Slave I has been released a great many times over the years, but the start of the year saw the release of the highest quality set so far. It comes with fold-out weapons, a display stand, and the minifig versions of Boba Fett, Han Solo (plus carbonite), an Imperial Guard, and a regular ol' Stromtrooper. [Buy it here]

Kwick-E-Mart, £173

Best LEGO Sets

The Simpson family's favourite shop was immortalised in brick form earlier this year, and it's a must-own for any fan of both Lego and The Simpsons. The set is a fold-out version of the fictional mini-mart (with Apu's secret roof garden), coming with a police car, Apu, Snake, Chief Wiggum, Homer, Bart, and Marge. [Buy it here]

SHIELD Helicarrier, £307

Best LEGO Sets

The crème-de-la-crème of Lego sets, second only to the Death Star. This is a perfect recreation of the Helicarrier as seen in the recent Marvel movies, and is notable for being a set that actually scales down the teeny-tiny minigfigs to a smaller size than before. Plus, you can plug in some extra components to add lights and spinning motors to the set if you want to. [Buy it here]

Jokerland, £85

Best LEGO Sets

If you're a fan of Batman, then this is the perfect Lego set to buy. Not only does it come with the Joker's death trap of a theme park lair, it also comes with the Batmobile, a bunch of Batman's most famous villains, and a couple of members of the Teen Titans. Oh, and obviously Batman and Robin. [Buy it here]

Lego Dimensions, from £70

Best LEGO Sets

This year saw Lego enter the world of toys-to-life gaming, which seems like a match made in heaven. It combines the interesting and silly gameplay of the recent Lego video games with the joy (and expense) of actually being able to own those characters for yourself. Just don't forget to buy the level packs (so far based on Back to the Future, Doctor Who, The Simpsons, and Portal), along with the many team and fun packs that add new characters and tools to the game. [Buy it here]

Large Classic XXL Brick Box, £67

Best LEGO Sets

Lego isn't Lego unless you get the chance to build your own creations, which is why this box of bricks is so great. There are 1500 bricks in here, and no instructions in sight. Perfect for working on your own creativity. [Buy it here]

Bonus: Lego Tardis, £50

Best LEGO Sets

You can't buy the Lego-fied version of Doctor Who's Tardis, but you've not got long to wait. Out on Tuesday (1st December), this marks the first time the classic British-made sci-fi programme has officially been immortalised in Lego form. Not counting the Lego Dimensions level pack, because that's not a fully-fledged set. You've got the Tardis (interior and exterior), The Doctor, Clara, two Daleks, and a Weeping Angel included. A must for any fan. [Buy it here]

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