The Best Star Trek Gifts for Trekkies, Trekkers, and Everyone In Between

By Tom Pritchard on at

This week had some great news for fans of the long-lived science-fiction franchise Star Trek, because after a decade of nothing but JJ Abrams' lens flare-filled reboot the franchise is returning to its rightful home. Star Trek is coming back to television.

We still don't know what the new show will be about, or which iteration of the canon it will take place in, but its reason enough for all fans to celebrate - regardless of the name they use to describe themselves. So, what better time than now to buy yourself some gadgets and gifts straight from the 23rd and 24th centuries?

Every Star Trek Box Set Ever

Star Trek has been around for nearly 50 years at this point, and even though it's not been one continuous run there is plenty of TV content for you to binge through. So treat yourself to a box set of each series and enjoy the almost-utopian future in all of its glory. There's The Original Series (£80), The Next Generation (£110), Deep Space Nine (£85), Voyager (£120), and Enterprise (£60).

Original Series Phaser Remote Control, £114

Changing the channel on your TV with a remote control is so passé. Why can't you just shoot it instead? Well guns are illegal and that would be idiotic, but you can at least pretend with this universal remote shaped like the phaser from the original Star Trek series. Arriving in a handy protective case, this comes as both phaser types depicted in the TV show, and an Enterprise branded screwdriver. [Buy it here]

USS Enterprise USB Webcam, £45

Webcams can be useful, but they're not exactly aesthetically pleasing. Make a cange by ditching your standard webcam for one styled after the original USS Enterprise. Sure it's not the best quality webcam in the world, but with it's flexible stand can be used to make it look like it's hovering over your desk/computer. Plus it looks a darn sight better than a regular webcam. [Buy it here]

Star Trek Door Chime, £32

No serious Trek geek should be without this beauty in their house. Just stick it on the wall and when someone walks past it makes the trademark wooshing noise made by the programme's sliding doors. You can also switch the sound to a Klingon-based alarm in case you're not overly fond of the federation. [Buy it here]

4GB Pin Badge USB Drive, £18

A fairly simple gift I'll admit, but any fan would no doubt love to store their files on Star Trek's famous logo. It might not be a lot of room, but there's enough there to store a few episodes or movies. Buy it here]

Titanium Spork, £7

The spork is a famous prop used in the original series, and while nobody sells Trek branded eating utensils of this type anymore it doesn't stop you from buying one of your own. Is it a spoon? Is it a fork? It's both, it's a fork you can eat soup with. [Buy it here]

Tribble, £18

Oh Tribbles. Those annoying furry creatures that do nothing but eat and breed at an alarming rate.This one won't do any of that, but slap in some batteries and it'll shake and coo in a way that only a Klingon would hate. [Buy it here]

Bluetooth Communicator, $150/£100

The smartphone is much greater than the original communicator could dream to be, but who doesn't love the iconic look of Kirk speaking into the gold-grilled box? You can do that yourself thanks to this Bluetooth model. It connects to your phone and can be used as a portable speaker for music, or as a microphone so you can take your phone calls in the nerdiest way possible. [Pre-Order it here]

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot Mug, £14

Picard's beverage of choice always comes with that familiar command to the ship's computer. Sadly you can't say that to your kettle and expect the same result. You can, however, drink your tea in a Picard-inspired mug to pretend that you did. [Buy it here]

Pop! Vinyl Locutus of Borg, £10

More like Lo-cute-us, amirite? Ok, I'll see myself out. Make sure to treat yourself to this adorable mini version of Picard when he was kidnapped and assimilated by the Borg. [Buy it here]

Metal Earth Enterprise D, £9

Model makers will tell you that building the thing is the best part , and if you're inclined to agree then look no further than Metal Earth's replica of the USS Enterprise D. You'll need some tools, but once you've put all the pieces together you'll have a nice addition to your shelf/desk. But if Picard's ship wasn't your favourite, you can get the original for £1 more. [Buy it here]

Haynes USS Enterprise Manual, £18

Haynes Manuals are one of those things that everybody recognises, even if they're not really that common anymore. Still, the brand exists and they decided to publish one of their iconic books to cover the famous fictional starship. Ever wanted to know about the ship in in-depth technical detail? Now you can. There's also a Klingon Bird of Prey edition available as well. [Buy it here]

Warped: An Engaging Guide to the Never-Aired 8th Season, £10

The Next Generaton never got an eighth season because the whole movies thing happened instead. Still, that hasn't stopped people from imagining what would happen if the show had gone on for another year. Spoiler: It involves large amounts of humour, hijinks from Data and Geordie, plus Barclay turning into a spider. Again. Based on the popular TNG Season 8 twitter account. [Buy it here]