The New Xperia Z5 From Sony - The World's Best Camera in a Smartphone

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From the moment you first cast your eyes on the new Xperia Z5 from Sony, you know that you’re looking at a high-end device. With a design that elegantly combines glass and metal, it appears serious and powerful - and it looks like it is designed to make an impression.

The most impressive feature though is the camera - which is the world’s best camera in a smartphone. The Z5 packs a 23 megapixel Exmor RS mobile sensor, but this isn’t all. The camera has the world’s fastest autofocus, clocking in at just 0.037 seconds from pointing to shooting so you won’t miss anything. It also has optical image stabilisation for your videos - so your Vines will appear less shaky. And you can even zoom in up to 5x with no loss of quality. If you’re a night owl, then good news as the camera has been specifically designed to enhance dark and low-light photography.

The front-facing selfie camera is great - it is 5.1MP and can also shoot video in 1080p (and even HDR) - so your Dubsmash videos will look amazing.

So we know the camera is great. But does the rest of the device match up? In short: Yes. The phone has a full 1080p display, and is driven by a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor with 3GB of RAM. What’s also great is that the battery is built to last a couple of days too, so no need to have that constant anxiety about needing to find a plug socket.

If you want to take a closer look at the phone, check out the following video which Giz has produced taking a closer look at the camera and the phone’s secret fingerprint sensor.