The Wait is Over, Thank God, (Where Vapers Find Love) is Now Open

By Kate Knibbs on at

No more, no more, no more will the vaping community be relegated to searching for love on ordinary dating sites populated with #vapelife virgins who don’t even know how to prime.

Vapers were ignored by the makers of niche web-based dating services for too long—until a brave vaper named Octavian seized vape dating as his own, providing a service Big Dating sites refuse to offer.

The first 150 people to join get rewarded with VIP status, and guess what? There’s still time to become a VIP. Octavian says only 130 people have joined since he launched in September. Very intimate.

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Octavian told me that the gender ratio for the service so far is “something to be worked on.” Sounds like Lady Vapeheads just hit the jackpot, as long as the jackpot is 130 mostly-male potential vape-mates (vaparamours??), and a forum where you can freely use the word “squonker” amongst your peers.

The Wait Is Over, Thank God, (Where Vapers Find Love) Is Now Open is also a jackpot if you’ve long dreamed of joining a dating website that takes its aesthetic cues from 2004-era MySpace, or a website that provides an opportunity to build a community from the ground up:

The Wait Is Over, Thank God, (Where Vapers Find Love) Is Now Open

However: Big warning. Huge warning. The VIPs I talked to were not as discriminating as I’d expected.

“It’s not that it’s so important that the person I date is a fellow vaper,” one fellow told me.

“I don’t think it’s important to date a fellow vaper, just a non smoker,” another vaper wrote.