There's a (Free) Major Update for Windows 10 and You Should Download it

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Microsoft’s started rolling out an update to Windows 10, and it’s a fairly hefty bump up. ‘Threshold 2’, as it’s called, is available to download right now, and includes a range of enhancements concerning speed, performance, security and business features.

First up, the company’s still trying to convince Windows 7 users to upgrade, and now claims that Windows 10 will boot 30 per cent faster than Windows 7 on the same device. That’s a pretty significant speed boost. Also, Windows 10's actually good, so what are you guys waiting for?

Cortana’s been improved too, and will now understand your handwriting (if it's not outrageously rubbish), as well as your voice. Scribble down an email address or phone number on your touchscreen device, and the digital assistant will figure out what you're saying. She’s also been given the power to keep track of events and movie tickets and, like a loving parent, can remind you to arrive on time and call an Uber to get you places.

Microsoft Edge, if you care about it, has been endowed with a bunch of security and performance enhancements. There's also a new feature called Tab Preview, which allows you to get a sneak peek of a website when you hover your cursor over tabs.

IT admins should be pleased with Windows 10's new business features too, as Windows 10 deployment should now be a little less of a pain to manage. Microsoft's also urging us to be patient with regard to Windows 10 Mobile -- and not totally forget about it -- which is still to actually arrive.