This £3,000 Brass Batman Statue is Probably Too Much For Your Desk

By Gary Cutlack on at

If contributing funds to pay for a village hall in Gotham isn't Batman enough for you, here's something that's even more Batman. It's literally Batman, an actual Batman, made from brass and yours for just $5,000 (£3,300). Plus several extra thousand pounds in postage, or a seat of its own next to you on the flight home.

It's being released as part of the celebrations DC is organising around the 30th anniversary of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, which sees DC also releasing some smaller busts based on the artwork style of the series. As well as classic retro Batman there's a chunky new model based on the updated Dark Knight art style. He's been on the Facebook advert dietary supplements:


The brass statue is another thing altogether, offering a more Adam West style of chin in a classic, less steroid-enhanced frame...

So well balanced thanks to the leg spread he doesn't need a base. DC Collectibles is releasing just 100 units of this brass monster next June. There's no sense of scale or sizing announced yet, although Batfans mostly think it could be a 1/6th scale thing, so about... 30cm tall. Imposing.  [DC via CBR]