This Gigantic Alien Egg Comes With a Life-Sized Facehugger Bursting Out of It

By James Whitbrook on at

First of all, I have no idea how I didn’t notice before that Alien’s facehuggers have elongated fingernails on their limbs. Secondly, this thing is both amazing and totally horrifying at the same time.

This remarkable replica, from NECA, is meant to be full-sized, and stands at 36 inches tall. Based on the eggs that appeared strewn throughout Aliens, the giant foam egg includes wire armatures in the top of the egg to either display the egg sealed, or freshly hatched—with LED lights on the base to give it an eerie glowing look from the outside.

This Gigantic Aliens Egg Comes With a Life-Sized Facehugger Bursting Out of It

On top of being just a really freaking massive Egg-thing, the display also features a life-sized replica of the Facehugger itself for you to place hiding inside the egg, lying in wait, or you can flex its bendable tail to make it look like it’s crawling out as a not-particularly adorable newborn little monster. D’aww, isn’t it so sweet when it’s trying to impregnate you with nasty creatures that will burst from your chest? Wait, no. Not at all.

Sadly NECA didn’t reveal too much more about the replica—most noticeably its price—but the set will come out in March of next year. So if it’s not ludicrously expensive, you can buy dozens of them in time for Halloween 2016 and dot them around your front lawn to freak the neighbors out. [Via Toyark]