Hunterian Museum London May Ruin Winnie-the-Pooh For Your Kids

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Winnie-the-Pooh’s skull is now on public display in London’s Hunterian Museum. You read that correctly. The friendly, inquisitive, honey-chugging bear we all know from the books (or cartoons) was partly inspired by a real beast. That beast is long dead, and you can now ogle its remains.

The popular children’s book character was inspired by Winnie, a Canadian black bear held at London Zoo, which Winnie-the-Pooh author AA Milne’s son Christopher Robin used to visit in the 1920s. The bear, which is said to have lost many of her teeth because of the sheer amount of honey and sweets kids used to feed her, died in 1934 and her skull was preserved by the Royal College of Surgeons.

Robin’s original stuffed teddy, which was named after the black bear, is on show in New York alongside a certain piglet, tiger and donkey. [BBC]

Image credit: Loupiote via Flickr

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