This Shot-By-Shot Comparison of Old and New Mad Max is a Blast

By Adam Clark Estes on at

Making films from classic franchises is hard. The challenge is in finding the sweet spot between paying tribute to the original while improving upon it at the same time. Watching a shot-by-shot comparison of the original Mad Max and Fury Road, however, reveals what a great sequel can be.

Compiled by Vimeo user whoispablo, the split-screen investigation digs down into the Mel Gibson classic and its relationship with the Tom Hardy reboot. Not only do you understand how the newer Mad Max movie plays on old tropes, but you’ll also realise how sequels can revitalise timeless takes in film-making. Now we just need to watch both movies at the same time and see how long it takes for our brains to melt out of our ears with post-apocalyptic extravagance. [One Perfect Shot]