This Towering Egg is the Nose of UK's Next Nuclear Submarine

By Attila Nagy on at

“This is big. I mean really big. A big egg.” This was my first thought when I saw the nose cone of HMS Anson, the Royal Navy’s fifth Astute class nuclear powered attack submarine. It is huge.

BAE Systems has just awarded a £1.3 billion contract to continue building the latest Astute Class attack submarine for the Royal Navy. Two more Astute class submarines–Audacious and Agamemnon–are under construction as well.

As a bonus, here’s photo from 2013 showing three Astute class subs under construction in the BAE submarine manufacturing plant, in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria:

This Towering Egg Is the Nose of UK's Next Nuclear Submarine

Photo: BAE Systems.

Top photo: David Tucker/DE&S Photography via Ministry of Defence.

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