Tidal Will Stream Original TV Shows, Sure, Why Not? 

By Kate Knibbs on at

Tidal failed to beat Spotify. Now it’s taking on Netflix. Jay Z’s streaming app is launching two original television series. On to the next one!

The first series, Money and Violence, is about criminals in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Creator and star Moise Verneau is a self-funded, self-taught showrunner, and his show became a cult YouTube hit during its first season. For its next season, Tidal will have it exclusively for a week before wider distribution.

Def Jam Comedy helped discover comics like Tracy Morgan, Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, and Dave Chappelle. Tidal’s standup showcase No Small Talk aims to do the same for the next generation of comics. “My goal is to help new guys get known, like Def Comedy Jam set up a lot of people’s careers,” host Cipha Sounds told Variety.

As far as picking projects for a venture that's likely doomed, Tidal has done well here. Much better than its other desperate gambits to change its trajectory, like selling overpriced Prince CDs, and alienating Lil Wayne. Now we’ll see if anyone tunes in. [Variety]

Image: Money and Violence cast at Tidal X, AP