Tinder Says Nice People Use it for Finding Wives and Husbands Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

The boss of Tinder is backpedalling so hard he could supply enough power to light and heat up to 2,000 homes were his bicycle's integrated dynamo hub wired into the grid, suggesting, once again, that the app is for serious dating nowadays and is not the casual sex tool it was originally marketed as.

That's according to stats and words issued by CEO Sean Rad, who says the vast majority of people are using Tinder as if it was any other old boring dating app. Rad told attendees at the Dublin Web Summit conference that: "We just conducted a survey of over 300,000 of our users. What we found was over 80% of people on Tinder are there to find a long-term relationship. So something stable and long term. 20% are there for things more short-term: either friendships or... dare I say hook-ups. Very brief friendships!"

So if you're browsing Tinder hoping to find someone unattainably attractive to touch in an unfamiliar regional stairwell before heading back to your B&B and snoring wife, you're using it wrong. Or you are, at least, in the minority these days. [Guardian]