Tomica's Die-cast Star Wars Vehicle Toys Are Getting Even Wackier

By James Whitbrook on at

There is no weird dream quite like the one where a tow truck shaped into the visage of Chewbacca hauls away a car version of C-3PO. Wait, sorry, what? That’s real? You can buy an actual toy of that delirious dreamscape? Well. Huh.

We loved the first series of Tomica’s bizarre Star Wars die-cast cars, but now the company is back with a whole series of 3” vehicles based on The Force Awakens, and they’re just as delightfully absurd (and slightly creepy).

Tomica's Die-cast Star Wars Vehicle Toys Have Gotten Even Wackier

Aside from Chewbacca, The new set features three villains—Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, a First Order Stormtrooper—and one hero, BB-8, who looks like an obscenely adorable Star Wars version of “The Homer” from The Simpsons’ second season. Like before, they’ve done a fantastic job of injecting the personality of these Star Wars designs into cute little vehicles. Somehow, even Kylo Ren looks strangely perky as a teeny matchbox care.

The Force Awakens series will be available next month, and will set you back $10/£7each.


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