Tony Hawk Soars Through the First Ever Skateboard Horizontal Loop

By Casey Chan on at

Skateboarder extraordinaire Tony Hawk is 47 years old and he’s still setting the bar for board-based stunts. Watch in wonder as he pulls off the first ever horizontal loop ever executed on a skateboard.

The impressive feat was done by Hawk in conjunction with Sony action cams, something that he teased on his Instagram channel during the week.

I wanted to do a vertical spiral (sideways loop?) so I pitched it to Sony @actioncam as a video project… and suddenly it was a reality. You can see the panic, struggle, and frustration unfold Nov 19. "Watch out, you might get what you’re after”.

Just seeing him fail and crash and do horrible things to his body and still get back up to keep trying is impressive. Anyone who saw the skater's infamous X Games '900' attempts will know that this man has some serious resolve.