Uber Taxi App Hits Edinburgh This Afternoon, With Local Cabbies Welcoming the Competition

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Less than a month after landing in Glasgow, Uber is hitting the Scottish capital today. The taxi app’s Edinburgh service goes live at 4pm this afternoon, and the company’s expecting it to prove very popular indeed.

Unusually, established local rivals don’t seem particularly riled at the introduction of Uber, with Les McVay of City Cabs actually looking forward to the challenge. “That’s business,” he said. “It’s what the public want and the public have a choice. It keeps us on our toes, and keeps our drivers on their toes. It doesn’t worry us.” He does, however, admit that Uber will sometimes offer promotions his firm just won't be able to match.

Uber's quickly expanding its grip on the world, and plans to launch in Aberdeen and a few other Scottish cities on the next few months. [Scotsman]