UberPool Will Be One of London's Cheapest Taxi Services, But You'll Have to Speak to Strangers

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Taxi app Uber is launching a new service in London, which it says will combat pollution and congestion, while also delivering better value for money for passengers. UberPool lands in the capital on Friday as a car-sharing service, encouraging passengers to ride along with strangers if they’re heading in the same direction.

Uber says that passengers using UberPool will pay a fixed fare, which will typically be 25% lower than what they'd shell out using UberX. Pool's already established in 15 cities around the world, and Uber claims the service represents a 'credible alternative' to car ownership (in London, anyway).

While this represents great news for customers, we can’t imagine black cab drivers will be best pleased.

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