UK Government Recruiting More Spies to Read Your Emails

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK's main intelligence services are to see significant boosts in staff numbers over the coming years, as our spying overlords man-up to counter the problem of people Googling how to make bombs and ricin.

The move was announced by chancellor George Osborne, and comes as part of a push to promote economic and national security within the latest official government spending review. Osborne said of the enhanced spying need: "...over the next five years we will substantially increase the number of people across all three secret intelligence agencies who investigate, analyse and help disrupt terrorist plots."

It comes under the security banner, with Osborne mongering doom by saying: "The internet -- central to modern life -- provides new ways for our enemies to plan and act against us. The threat from terrorists -- from extreme ideologies -- needs to be challenged head-on," also adding that current thinking on the "probable" cause of the Metrojet crash is said extremists.

Actual details about how much money will be spent hiring new spies will be announced later in November, as part of the wider Strategic Defence and Security Review. []