UK Security Services to Get Extra Funding Following Paris Attacks

By Gerald Lynch on at

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced plans to increase spending on the UK's intelligence and security forces, following the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday.

129 people were killed in the French capital on Friday night, after gunmen armed with bombs killed 129 people and injured 352 (99 critically) during attacks at bars, restaurants, a concert venue and the Stade de France, before triggering suicide explosives. The Islamic State group have claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Cameron has stated that the money (an additional 15 per cent budget increase over original Treasury estimates) will allow the MI5, MI6 and GCHQ spy and security forces to recruit an additional 1,900 officers. These would come in addition to the 12,700 or so staff the agencies already employ.

Extra funding will also be put aside for increased aviation security measures, above the £9 million current annual spend. The budget could as much as double.

The Prime Minister stated that the British public must show "resolve" to "carry on with our lives" as a response to the threat from Islamic State militants in the UK.

The government next week will publish the Strategic Defence and Security Review, while Cameron is to later meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin (their first face-to-face meeting for a year) in an attempt to urge Putin to co-operate with US-led coalition forces battling Islamic State militants.

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