Vauxhall Surrenders to Facebook Fire-shaming and Recalls 220,000 Zafiras

By Gary Cutlack on at

The maker of the Zafira, the car that apparently has a propensity to spontaneously combust, has yielded to public disquiet, with Vauxhall announcing a full recall of 220,000 Zafira B models due to mass public concern about them going up in flames.

The recall was announced in an unusual manner, with Rory Harvey, the company's UK MD, taking to YouTube to do his very sorry face and talk directly to the people about what's going on with that series of fires and smoking dashboards.

Here he is, managing to pad out his appearance for a full five minutes, by helping owners identify potentially troublesome cars and underlining how seriously it's all being taken and that there's definitely no laughing anywhere in the office at the moment:

There's "no risk" if you're the only owner in the car's history and haven't had anything repaired, as the official line is still that the problem is being caused by dodgy repairs to theĀ "blower motor resistor" and its fuse, leading to the overheating.

That said, all owners of Zafira B models should be getting a letter in the post thanks to DVLA vehicle ownership records, telling them to arrange an inspection at a local dealer. Letters start going out from November 12. [YouTube]