Watch Fantasy Creatures Dance and Bloom in This Gorgeous, Trippy Animation

By Maddie Stone on at

Japanese animator Hideki Inaba has built a fantastical, alien world of plants, insects, and squid-like creatures for the Beatsofreen track Slowly Rising. And it’s magical.

The film opens with a single stem transforming into a collection of dancing fronds; reminiscent of a simple form of plant life, perhaps a bryophyte. Slowly, an entire ocean of plants, fungi and sea creatures emerge, the layers of animation building on each other and moving in synchrony to the ethereal beat. Complex life forms, from jellyfish to squid to large flying insects that could be Carboniferous dragonflies, join the party as the music progresses. It’s like an LSD-fuelled journey through the evolution of life on Earth—or, perhaps, on a distant world in a galaxy far far away.

According to Deezen, it took the animator six months to complete the video using Photoshop and AfterEffects. [Deezen]