What Do Your Relatives Just Not Get About Technology?

By Gizmodo on at

Parents: They just don’t get technology, right? It’s probably one of the most common grievances among sons and daughters worldwide. From Mum asking you who this Reddit person is to Dad watching Netflix in silence because he muted the sound on his computer, we’ve all had a moment (in some of our cases, hundreds) where we wanted to laugh, cry and scream at one relative or another's technological ineptitude.

What Do Your Parents Just Not Get About Technology?

Does your Nan ever wonder where she can find The Google? Has your Uncle ever proudly shown you a series of “photos” he’s taken with his new smartphone, and you’ve had to patiently explain that they’re actually videos? Maybe he tried to get on your level by sharing a link to funny meme, and it didn’t quite work out....

Tell us what your family simply doesn't get about technology in the comments below. I’m sure there’s a lot we can all relate to.