What Should We Call David Cameron's Copy of Air Force One?

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK PM is set to get a private jet to ferry him about the place, with a clone of the US's Air Force One set to be added to the payroll to fly our top civil servants between appointments.

The government says it's preparing to spend £10 million on refitting an old RAF plane for the job, in a move that it says will actually save the country money -- by trimming £775,000 a year off the budget spent on arranging charter flights to carry government figures and occasionally members of the royal family about the world.

A source speaking to the Independent has details of the plane involved, saying: "This is about saving taxpayers money. There will be upfront costs but by using a refitted RAF Voyager instead of chartering private aircraft for each long-distance trip, we will save taxpayers around £775,000 a year."

The RAF Voyager is an aerial refuelling workhorse based on the Airbus A330 design, so it's not short on space. It could be called The Leer Jet, but probably won't be. Previous private plane options for the government were considered by Tony Blair, and were nicknamed Blair Force One. That was a good nickname. This one needs a nickname. The SleazyJet? The TORDIS? [Independent]

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