Why are the UK Spies at GCHQ Advertising With Graffiti in Shoreditch?

By Jamie Condliffe on at

The UK's streets have been covered in an unexpected form of graffiti. Pedestrians keeping half an eye on the pavements in locations like Birmingham, Leeds, London and Manchester will spot a special ad listing for a job at our nation's intelligence headquarters, GCHQ.

The messages, which read "GCH-Who?, Technical opportunities gchq-careers.co.uk" have been appearing in places where many digital start-ups now choose to set up shop, such as east London's Shoreditch in proximity to the Old Street "Silicon Roundabout". This is happening not long after George Osborne recently laid out multi-billion-pound plans to step the the UK's cyber defences in the wake of the Paris terror attacks. Clearly, fighting on the modern battlefield takes more than just old-fashioned firearms and the like.

The newspaper suggests that advertising in cities could help the government to attract talent that may not otherwise have realised the opportunities open to them, not least because the GCHQ offices are in rather more sleepy, less urban locations.

The ads themselves aren’t sprayed in paint, but instead created using stencils and high-pressure washers, to lift dirt off the paving stones to create the temporary message. Would you enquire, now that you know that GCHQ is recruiting? [Guardian]

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