Why Spend a Few Quid on Bridge Tolls When You Can Burn Thousands on a Car Barge?

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The next time your trip from point A to point B involves a river crossing, just toss one of these inflatable car ferries in your trunk and save yourself a few quid and open up a world of potential waterway-faring peril.

Save on Bridge Tolls With an Inflatable Ferry Strong Enough to Support a Car

The Ferryboat, built by a Slovenia-based company called Hovercraft that doesn’t appear to make anything that hovers, weighs just 300 kilos when deflated. It might not be the best fit for a compact car, but flatbed trucks and vans should have no problem accommodating it.

What you lose in passenger space and cargo capacity, though, you gain in the ability to cross large bodies of water without having to pay a penny towards your local infrastructure. You will have to pay Hovercraft anywhere between £4,500 to £6,600 depending on the size of ferry you want, but in the very long run you’ll certainly end up saving money by avoiding bridge tolls.

The ferry takes about five minutes to inflate with an electric pump that can actually be solar-powered to help save you even more money. When fully assembled and inflated the Ferryboat can support loads of five tonnes, and it’s rigid enough to transport a medium-sized vehicle as long as the waters you’re crossing aren’t too choppy.

Save on Bridge Tolls With an Inflatable Ferry Strong Enough to Support a Car

If this sounds like the perfect addition to your morning commute, you’ll have to wait until sometime next year for the first models to ship. Until then, you’re unfortunately at the mercy of exorbitant bridge and tunnel tolls. [Hovercraft via Gizmag]