William Shatner Wants a 50th Anniversary Musical Star Trek Tribute

By Gary Cutlack on at

The original Captain Kirk would like to see some interest in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first screening of Star Trek next year, but despite some interest in a musical version (?) nothing much is happening.

Shatner told the Press Association: "I'm attempting to sell a 50th anniversary show, but so far I've had very little luck. Maybe because Paramount's going to do their own -- but I don't know how they can do their own without me. I've never been contacted."

And that show Shatner has or had in mind could well have been one of the oddest stage productions in history, with Shatner adding: "I've been actively trying to do a 50th anniversary show...  We had a big company say, 'What about a musical or a music variety show?' That got some traction -- but nothing's come of it yet."

With rival sci-fi franchise Star Wars about to make films about spaceships and hairy aliens more fashionable than ever -- and Paramount reviving Star Trek through US subscription channel CBS All Access in 2017 -- there's hope Shatner might get his TV birthday party yet. [Sky News]