10 Great Gifts Every Bicycle Buff Deserves

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Admit it, There’s at least one person in your life who’d rather be out pedalling centuries than putting on a brave festive face with relatives. So why not ditch the annual hand-knit jumper, and make your cyclist truly happy this holiday season with some great new gear? Here are 10 excellent ideas to get you started.

10 Great Gifts Every Bicycle Buff Deserves

Knog Bicycle Lights

Good lights are especially important during the long winter months when many commuter bicyclists find themselves trekking home in complete darkness. Knogs are among the best on the market: They’re 100 per cent waterproof, USB rechargeable, and most importantly, they pack enough lumens to turn a shadowy humanoid on wheels into a brilliant beacon.

The Blinder Road Twinpack (£72 from Evans Cycles), which delivers 250 lumens at the front and 70 in the rear, is a great choice for any cyclist looking to start their rides after the sun goes down.

10 Great Gifts Every Bicycle Buff Deserves


Perhaps your loved one is already a pro night biker who’s accumulated a lifetime supply of front and back blinders. In which case, it’s probably time to step up their game even further with Revolights. Hailed as the best commuter bicycle lighting system in the world by Men’s Journal, Revolights (a $149 set of white red LEDs that boast 360-degree visibility) mount snugly onto your bicycle wheels, turning your nighttime escapades into a brilliant blaze of glory.

Revolights Skyline set include a built-in accelerometer that tracks your speed, causing your back light to flash as you slow down. That’s right, it’s an honest-to-God bicycle brake light. The new version, Revolights Eclipse, also includes Bluetooth connectivity, turn signals, and weather alerts.

10 Great Gifts Every Bicycle Buff Deserves

Garmin Edge 1000

Bike computers may never be as sophisticated as smartphones, but Garmin devices have always been the cream of the crop. If you’re looking for a bicycle navigator with top functionality, look no further than the Garmin Edge 1000, which features on or off-road turn-by-turn navigation through a preloaded cycle map. Simply input your desired distance, elevation guidelines, and starting direction, and the Edge 1000 will offer you up to three round-trip ride options.

But that’s only the half of it. This device also includes an accelerometer-based accident detection and alert system, performance metrics, and Bluetooth 4.0 for pairing with Android and iOS phones to receive incoming texts, emails, phone calls, and weather alerts. It’s the whole package.

10 Great Gifts Every Bicycle Buff Deserves

Hammerhead One

For many cyclists, hitting the road is a way to escape the endless barrage of emails and social updates. If you’re in the market for a navigator that doesn’t look suspiciously like a smartphone screen, a startup called Hammerhead offers an intriguing alternative. The Hammerhead One fixes securely onto your handlebars, guiding you left, right, backwards and forwards through a simple and intuitive light display. The guidance system draws its sense of direction from a pre-determined route you select via the Hammerhead app (available for free on iOS and Android).

As is often the case with new navigation apps, this one has received mixed reports. But it’s a solid hardware concept and an attractive design, so let’s hope they iron out the kinks. Best of all is the reasonable £57 ($85) price tag.

10 Great Gifts Every Bicycle Buff Deserves

Siva Atom

With every movement, human beings exert energy. In a better world, we’d be harnessing all that effort to power our devices. With the Siva Atom, you can do just that.

This lightweight, weather-resistant (£80) $120 battery pack clips onto your bicycle frame, converting the momentum of your ride into sweet, sweet power. A standard USB port allows you to charge your phone, lights, GPS, Bluetooth speakers and more, whenever and wherever need. Whether you’ve got a three-day intercity bike ride ahead or simply forgot to charge your phone before work – a little extra juice never hurts.

10 Great Gifts Every Bicycle Buff Deserves

Kryptonite Bike Lock

A good lock is an absolute must for urban bikers, and Kryptonite is quite literally a very solid option. You’d need a sledgehammer to pierce its steel shackle, and with the additional cable, it’ll be that much harder for thieves to pop off your front wheel.

10 Great Gifts Every Bicycle Buff Deserves

Continental Gatorskin Tyres

If you bike in a city (really, if you bike anywhere) your tyres face a constant barrage of threats. Broken glass. Gravel. Potholes. Road salt. Four years into my life as a commuter cyclist, I started carrying around a repair kit, which is a bit of a hassle, but better than having to stump up cash to a bike shop.

Recently, a friend told me about these crazy things called Continental Gatorskins. You can supposedly put thousands of miles on them without getting a flat. Review after review seems to corroborate the astonishing claim. Needless to say, they’re at the top of my holiday list this year. Check out the full list of dimensions and specs here.

Chrome Cycling Shoes

10 Great Gifts Every Bicycle Buff Deserves

Chrome may be best known for its stylish bags, but many bikers swear by the company’s shoes, which are fashioned after Converse's Chuck Taylors but unlike Chucks, built to last years and weather heavy use.

The pedal series have stiff soles and sticky treads, ensuring that your feet remain comfortably planted to the pedals during long days on the road. Best of all, a waterproof membrane consisting of a signature undisclosed material keeps ‘em looking brand spanking new after fender splashes.

10 Great Gifts Every Bicycle Buff Deserves

Strava Premium

You may have never heard of Strava, but it’s a hugely popular social networking app among endurance athletes. For cyclists, it allows you to set training schedules, time and distance goals, keep track of your routes and performance stats, and most importantly, compare yourself with others through the leaderboards. A Strava premium subscription, for $59 (just under £40) annually, gets you exclusive access to events, free swag, and other “surprises” throughout the year.

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