14-Year-Old Amateur Becomes Scalextric World Champion

By Gary Cutlack on at

Ted Trim, from Theydon Bois in Essex, is the new Scalextric World Champion, having beaten 200 other contenders in a year-long standardised lap time free for all. The tear-jerking clickbait catch is that it was his first go. He was born to depress a trigger.

Ted was not picked out from a young age and groomed for a career in miniaturised motorsport like Lewis Hamilton. His rags to riches story is much simpler, as he was out shopping with his dad, saw the competition and decided to have a go. "I'm happy and surprised because I'd never played before," he said, unknowingly disrespecting the other competitors who, we'd imagine, might take it all a little bit more seriously.

Ted's heat took place in Harlow in August, so the assembled Scalextric racers of the country had several months to beat his best lap time of 24.49 seconds, but no one could get close. He's since bought himself a Scalextric set, seeing as destiny seems to think it might be his speciality. There doesn't seem to be much of a pro Scalextric circuit, mind, so best focus on a trade as well, Tim. [BBC]

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