A 500GB Xbox One With Ori and Rare Replay for £229 is Our "Currys Favour" Deal of the Day

By Gizmodo UK on at

Sure, Fallout 4 is good. Call of Duty is cool. Star Wars Battlefront looks the business. But man, why does everything have to be obsessed with guns and killing and shooting and blood and all the nastiness? Sometimes, all you're after is the blue-sky thinking of a platform game.

Which is the perfect introduction (dare I say it myself) to this excellent Xbox One deal. Currys has the 500GB console up for grabs with this year's best platformer, Ori and the Blind Forest, along with the 30-game super collection that is Rare Replay, jam packed with platforming classic, all for just £229.99. Grab it here.


Headphones & Audio


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