Adam Driver Method Acted His Stint as Star Wars' Kylo Ren, and Presumably Wasn't Very Approachable

By Gary Cutlack on at

An interview with Jon Boyega has thrown a bizarre spotlight on the behind-the-scenes piecing together of The Force Awakens, with Boyega claiming that his acting chum Adam Driver stayed "in character" as Kylo Ren throughout the filming process.

Boyega told Rolling Stone that Driver would often keep his mask on between scenes to maintain the illusion of being the Galaxy's #1 radical Darth Vader fanatic, saying "I mean, for me, I follow what Laurence Olivier or someone said: 'Just act.' But it was great to see him go for his process. It was intense."

Driver himself explained his actions, saying the goal was " forget you're in Star Wars and treat it like any other job that's filled with moments and problems."

Which is fairly embarrassing when you're only being being a cartoon pantomime bad guy as a job, but still. May be reassuring to some, as we've heard that Christopher Biggins also never takes his Widow Twankey wig off between December and January. [Rolling Stone]