Addicted to Fallout 4? Sue Bethesda, Like This Bonkers Russian Gamer

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Repeat, while shaking your head and tutting. A Russian gamer is reportedly suing Bethesda because he’s addicted to Fallout 4. According to RT, the 28-year-old from Krasnoyarsk didn’t realise just how involving the game was, and regularly skipped work and meals, stopped meeting up with his friends and neglected his marriage as a result of his dependency on the title.

As such, he now claims he doesn’t have a job or wife and is suffering from health problems. He wants 500,000 roubles (£4,720) from Bethesda, because the money will help him grow a new brain cell deal with the emotional distress. “If I knew that this game could have become so addictive, I would have become a lot more wary of it. I would not have bought it, or I would have left it until I was on holiday or until the New Year holidays,” he said in a statement.

I love crisps, but I don’t fucking lose my head over a packet of Doritos. Clean yourself up and get a grip, man. [RT]

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