Anonymous Leaked the Passwords and Personal Info from Paris Climate Summit Attendees 

By Kate Knibbs on at

Anonymous published a Pastebin file containing passwords and personal information from Paris climate summit attendees today, in what it describes as retaliation for the arrests of protesters outside of the talks.

Anonymous breached the website of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, accessing and dumping the personal information of officials from the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Belgium, and a variety of other countries who attended COP21, according to a report from HackRead.

After contacting some of the people whose information was leaked in the dump, Gizmodo can confirm that at least some of that information is legitimate–though as always, Anonymous’ accuracy should be held up to close scrutiny.

Someone claiming to represent Anonymous talked to HackRead about the group’s motivations for the data dump:

“We could deface the site, but that won’t hurt them, we know data leak will and does so there’s more to come. These hacks are not just against Police brutality, these are also against Cop21 to support Global Climate March.”

Anonymous has been on a tear of stupidity recently, and this vigilante retaliation from an amorphous, leaderless group of online shit-disturbers simply compromises the personal data of thousands of people who attended the talks—in no way affecting the police force that arrested the protesters.


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