Bank of America Successfully Ordered the Deletion of a UK Journo's Tweets

By Gary Cutlack on at

A UK journalist had a couple of his tweets forcefully deleted by the Bank of America, which took offense to some lighthearted snippets of analyst opinions being retweeted.

Fortunately for Jim Edwards, he's the editor of Business Insider's UK division, so has an entire web site at his beck and call to detail events. As well as having two tweets pulled over vague "copyright" reasons, Edwards says he was threatened to basically cease and desist making any similar mention of the bank and its affairs, lest his entire Twitter presence be deleted.

His offence was to take a screenshot of some analyst comments and tweet it out, although Edwards himself isn't even sure of the content -- seeing as it's been deleted. He explains: "Sometimes analysts write funny headlines on their investment notes. When I see one I like, I take a screengrab of the headline and tweet it out. That is what seems to have happened here."

Only BofA went mad and control freaky and had it deleted by phoning Twitter on some sort of emergency hotline reserved for the powerful; a reminder to us all not to ever say anything disrespectful about major corporations on the internet. [Business Insider via Ars]

Image credit: Bank of America from Shutterstock

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