BBC Loses iPlayer and Web Sites in Technical Meltdown

By Gary Cutlack on at

At time of writing, pretty much everything the BBC has on offer to amuse us on the internet is broken, with the broadcaster's web sites and the critical national iPlayer infrastructure not responsive.

Currently, the BBC news sites and iPlayer have been offline for nearly two hours, with some users reporting patchy partial access but most receiving server errors before even getting as far as the cute 500 error page with its classic test card callback.

The BBC's having to report on its own breakages on Twitter, where its BBC Press account says "a technical issue" is responsible for the mass failure of its sites and services, so whether that was triggered by a hack, a DDoS attack, or something more mundane like a power cut to a datacenter or someone still drunk from yesterday deleting a config file, we'll have to wait and see.

Millions of poor children will have to stop watching the latest episode of Doctor Who for the time being, as flood-ravaged UK faces another attack on the traditions of Christmas -- the watching of repeats of things we saw the previous year.

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