Beam Your Booze With Glowing Star Trek Transporter Pad Coasters

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Have the folks at ThinkGeek finally figured out the technology needed to transport matter? Sadly, no. If they did, they probably wouldn’t have used that technology to make a set of Star Trek-themed coasters that look like the transporter pads used on the U.S.S. Enterprise.

So the coasters won’t magically transport a festive drink from a glass into your stomach, but they do light up thanks to a flickering set of LEDs inside, and play a materialization / dematerialisation sound effect whenever a glass is placed on them, or picked back up.

Powered by a pair of small cell-sized batteries in each one, a set of four coasters will set you back $30/£20 and might just about arrive in time for your planned New Year’s eve festivities, even if your party isn’t Star Trek themed. [ThinkGeek]

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This article originally appeared on Toyland, Gizmodo's toys and collectibles blog