The Best Sci-Fi Blu-rays, DVDs and Boxsets of 2015

By Tom Pritchard on at

2015 has been a pretty great year for science fiction, both on television and in the cinema. Plenty of those great offerings also made their way onto DVD and Blu-ray, so if you're still looking for some last-minute Christmas gifts there are plenty of great options available to you.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 Box Set, from £159 (incl. shipping)

You'll have to get this one imported from the States, but if you're a serious Marvel fan then it is totally worth it. Like the Phase 1 box set that came with the tesseract, the Phase 2 box set is bundled inside a replica of the orb from Guardians of the Galaxy along with a bunch of other goodies. It's got all six movies, a bunch of bonus special features, exclusive artwork, and some physical props to enjoy. Just remember, you will need a Region A/1 Blu-ray player to play the discs. [Buy it here]

Interstellar, £7

After tackling the dreamscape and three different adventures of Batman, Christopher Nolan took to tackling the world of interstellar travel. Earth is dying, food can't be grown, and human existence itself is threatened. So NASA responds by sending Matthew McConaughey and a bunch of other astronauts out into space to find a new home for humanity. Will they succeed? You'll have to watch it to find out. [Buy it here]

Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Box Set, £30

If you want to get your hands on all three Back to the Future movies, then this box set is the way to do it. The Flux Capacitor isn't real, but looks much nicer than the standard box set. If you fancy getting the animated series bundled in as well, make sure to buy the American version instead. Don't worry, that one is region free. [Buy it here]

Chappie, £7

Another film by District 9's Neill Blomkamp that also happens to be set in South Africa. This time, though, it's covering the world of robots, and the ethical conundrums that occur when humans create artificial intelligence. The intelligence in question being the eponymous child-like robot Chappie. [Buy it here]

Star Wars: The Complete Saga, £50

A new Star Wars hits cinemas across the world next week, making it the perfect time to grab yourself the entire saga so far on Blu-ray. Yes these do suffer from George Lucas's non-stop meddling, and include the horrifying blinking ewoks, but if you want to experience the saga in glorious high definition then you have to grit your teeth and deal with it. If you're still not into the whole HD thing, you can pick up all six films in two DVD box sets instead. This latest edition has some nice Darth-inspired box art and remastered extras. [Buy it here]

Battlestar Galactica Ultimate Edition, £159

The revived Battlestar Galactica series has been released as a box set before, but this is the first one to collect everything. That means you get the miniseries, all four/five seasons (depending on how you count), plus Razor, The Plan, and Blood and Chrome TV movies. The only thing it doesn't have is Caprica, but that was awful anyway. Plus it's all put together in a book-like box that's missing the corners, just like the books in the show. [Buy it here]

The Maze Runner, £6

I've always maintained that The Hunger Games got made due to the success of Twilight, and because it was so successful it led to the development of The Maze Runner. It's another film based on young-adult fiction, but Twilight this aint. It's set in the middle of a maze in an area populated by a group of teenage boys, none of whom remember anything prior to their arrival through a lift in the ground. The maze seems to be the only way out, but it's not all that safe. It is very confusing, and you will have so many unanswered questions at the end, but it's a great watch. [Buy it here]

The X-Files Complete Seasons 1-9, £100

January sees the long-awaited return of The X-Files, making now the ideal time to catch up on the first nine years the show spent on television screens. The DVD box set has been out for a while, but this year saw the first time every episode was collected together on Blu-ray in this great looking box. It doesn't include either of the movies, though, so you'll have to get those separately. [Buy it here]

Ex Machina, £6

A film written and directed by noted screenwriter Alex Garland, the guy behind the likes of 28 Days Later, The Beach, and Dredd. It follows a programmer who is invited to his boss's remote home in order to perform a Turing test on a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence. It's a thriller, so nothing is quite what it seems... [Buy it here]

Mad Max Anthology, £25

Max Rockatansky returned this year with a brand new film and a brand new face in Mad Max: Fury Road. It was one hell of a film, so it's definitely one to add to your collection and you might as well do that by buying all four Mad Max movies in one go. Sure Thunderdome might be far too cheesy, but the other three make up for it. [Buy it here]

Jurassic Park Collection, £18

2015 really is a year of revisiting the past, especially in the world of film. Jurassic World was one such example of that, successfully bringing fake dinos back to the cinema screen without being completely shit. Obviously now it's out on DVD, there's a Jurassic box set featuring all four films for you to buy. Perfect for a Christmas marathon, provided you can ignore Téa Leoni's constant counter-productive screaming. [Buy it here]

Star Trek: The Next Generation Seasons 1-7, £119

The best Star Trek series out there that doesn't feature William Shatner has been available on DVD for ages, but the Blu-ray edition only came along very recently. The collected edition even more recently than that. This box contains all the televised adventures of Patrick Stewart and co in high definition. But not just any high definition either, because each episode has been meticulously restored and the effects enhanced (without ruining them with crap CGI). [Buy it here]

Kingsman: The Secret Service, £7

It may be more focussed on taking the piss out of spy movies, but there's plenty of sci-fi hiding in Kingsman. And I don't just mean the gadgets. The film follows the young council-estate-residing Eggsy, who gets into trouble with the law and needs to be bailed out by Colin Firth, a member of the secretive spy organisation Kingsman. At the same time the Kingsman's agents are investigating a secretive billionaire Samuel L Jackson who may or may not have a nefarious agenda. [Buy it here]

Doctor Who: The 10 Christmas Specials, £30

Doctor Who has been back on our screens for 10 years now, and every year the BBC sent The Doctor and his companions off on some sort of Christmas-based journey. Some of them were great, and others were so bad they made you want to claw your eyes out. Still 'tis the season and what not, so if you want to enjoy some Yule-tide adventures of everyone's favourite Time Lord without buying a couple of hundred quid's worth of box sets then this is the one for you. [Buy it here]