Boys Improve at Reading When They Use Fancy eBooks

By Gary Cutlack on at

More contradictory news has arrived, this time going against previous reports that it's harder and less engaging to read on a Kindle or other eReader and showing that the reading of boys increases markedly when they're allowed a digital reader.

According to stats released by the National Literacy Trust, the reading abilities and inferred reading age of a group of boys increased by an impressive 8.4 months -- during a trial that only lasted for 4.2 months. So having an eReader literally doubled their rate of progress.

The percentage of boys who said they found reading "hard" halved during the trial, and girls also improved --  albeit at a slightly lesser extent -- managing to increase their average reading age by 7.2 months over the same shorter period.

There was also a huge increase in numbers of boys who though reading was a "cool" thing to do, with 66 per cent saying it was socially acceptable after the test, compared with just 34 per cent before.

The NLT's Irene Picton said: "The study clearly shows that the impact ebooks can have on reading enjoyment, particularly for boys, goes well beyond the novelty of a new reading format. Our research found that technology can transform children’s attitudes towards reading. Being seen reading on a tablet or smart phone is different to being seen with a book and this influences how much time pupils spend reading." [Independent]

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