Bushel Apple Device Manager Takes The Pain Out of Being in the IT Crowd

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Ah, the “IT Crowd”. While there are those who genuinely get a kick out of playing the office’s go-to gadget guru, many others view IT troubleshooting as a task, not a career. If you’re a small business looking to expand, dedicating loads of resources to IT support can be an albatross-like expense. Enter Bushel, a web-based multi-device manager that’s so simple, it can help anyone juggle and support dozens upon dozens of business devices with ease.

Supporting all manner of Apple devices, from Macs to iPads and iPhones, Bushel lets you remotely support your Apple-equipped workforce from the comfort of your browser.

From a single web application, Bushel users can make sure that all of the company’s devices are configured just as needed. You can go so far as to configure all the right Wi-Fi passwords for your workplace before an employee ever goes near their phone or tablet’s settings menu. Changes to settings on all devices can be rolled out in one single swift push without needing to spend time mucking around with individual hardware. Many unique support requests can be managed from one spot too.

If you’re using Apple devices, you’re probably going to want to tap into the millions of apps available to them. But with updates rolling out all the time, and trawling the stores sometimes a slow process, getting everything you need on many devices at once can be a real chore. Bushel streamlines this too, letting you roll out updates and deploy suites of apps to all relevant business devices from that same single browser-based interface.

It’s not just the swamped IT helpers that will love Bushel’s streamlined system though. Those out and about carrying the devices will benefit too, whether they realise it or not. With Bring Your Own Device an increasingly common trend in work life these days, Bushel can help by letting those using personal Macs or iOS gadgetry separate their business files from their personal ones. Should a device get lost or be stolen, the Bushel interface (with its over-the-air encryption tech) can let you remotely lock the device, or even fully erase the missing gadget. On the flip side, you can even unlock the device of that forgetful staffer that just can’t ever seem to remember his or her passcode.

You can get started with Bushel for free, managing three devices at no cost, forever. Then, as your business grows into a force to be reckoned with, you can add additional devices as needed for just $2 a month (about £1.35 at current exchange rates). Your IT folks will thank you.