Canada is Doing Quick Business Selling Bottled Air to China's Polluted Cities

By Chris Mills on at

Millions of Chinese citizens have been blanketed in thick smog recently but where some people see only a dense haze, entrepreneurial Canadian businessmen see profit.

Vitality Air is startup in Canada’s Rocky Mountains, selling “hand-bottled mountain air” from Banff and Lake Louise. In recent weeks, Vitality has seen demand soar from China. Founder Moses Lam told Global News “We shipped a sample of 500 [bottles] to China...they sold out within a week-and-a-half.”

The company has been selling the air for around six months, but only recently started selling through Taobao, China’s eBay equivalent. A seven-litre can of Banff air goes for about £17, and gives you about 150 shots of sweet, sweet Alberta air. [Global News]

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