Castrol Edge Strapped a VR Headset on The Stig and Forced Him to Race a Real Car

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Virtual reality is one of the most exciting areas of modern technology, and Castrol Edge has decided to amp things up a few billion notches. Despite the fact that many among us complain about feeling dizzy or sick after a few minutes of wearing a VR headset – usually while sat still – the company decided it would be a good idea to strap the gear over the eyes of a pair of high-speed drivers, and get them to race in real cars.

British driver Ben Collins, who’s played 'The Stig' and worked on Spectre, went head-to-head with the US' Matt Powers, with each given their own real-world track. Neither driver could actually see the road, instead relying completely on the digital images projected by the VR sets. The cars responded to Collins’ and Powers’ steering in real time, and both of them survived! Better still, the UK’s Collins won. The code behind the challenge was written by LA-based Adam Amaral and Glenn Snyder.

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