Christmas for Prisoners Ruined as Drugs Delivery Drone Crashes

By Gary Cutlack on at

A consignment of drugs meant for those locked up in Bullingdon Prison has been knocked out of the sky by prison bosses, with authorities revealing that a drone's cargo of drugs was "intercepted" by prison staff before it could be divvied up among inmates.

According to the Mirror the drone was laden with "high-strength cannabis" set to make Christmas infinitely more bearable for the people inside, and the UAV actually made it inside -- crash landing in an exercise yard. It was got to first by staff, though, with prison bosses using this scrape to remind everyone that there's a maximum two-year jail term on offer to anyone rumbled smuggling stuff into prisons by chucking/flying/teleporting it over and through walls.

Prison Service spokeswoman Rebecca Gough confirmed the news, saying: "Staff at HMP Bullingdon intercepted a drone carrying contraband on Tuesday. No illicit material got into the prison as a result of this incident and the police are investigating. Incidents involving drones are rare, but we remain constantly vigilant to all new threats to prison security."

Prison staff didn't say what model it was, although presumably it wa something from the heftier, cargo-lifting end of the current drone spectrum. [Mirror]

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