Christmas Gifts for Star Wars Fans: Sphero BB-8, Lego, and More

By Tom Pritchard on at

The new Star Wars is finally out in the cinemas, and it is incredible. Or dreadful. Or rather mediocre. I don't know, I haven't seen it yet. Anyway, with the Force awakening on cinema screens and Christmas literally around the corner, it's the perfect time to buy some Star Wars themed tat. Here are the best bits that would make fine gifts for any Star Wars fan.

Sphero Remote Control BB-8, £130

Definitely the most impressive piece of Star Wars merchandise to hit shop shelves this year, no true fan can be without their own remote control BB-8. You can control where the football droid rolls to using your smartphone, or you can let it roam around by itself - a bit like a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, but one that serves no household purpose other than to look cool. Plus it even has its own conductive charging station, so you don't need to worry about plugging it in or swapping the batteries. [Buy it Here]

Lego Death Star, £400

There have been many Lego Star Wars sets released over the years, but none so impressive as the Death Star. Even the Super Star Destroyer has a hard time keeping up with this. Inside it you have all the important rooms from Episode IV and VI, plus all the major characters that appeared inside the small moon space station included in minifig form. [Buy it Here]

Personalised Mug, £20

Ah the personalised mug, the staple tool of trying to stop your friends and colleagues from dragging their tongues around your favourite beverage vessel. If you want something with a little bit more nerd cred, however, you'll want to get your hands on these personalised mugs with a Star Wars design. You can have your name printed onto the mug using various different scenes from the films. That way not only will people know it's yours, they'll also know you love Star Wars. [Buy it Here]

Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray Collection, £50

So it's not the original theatrical edition, which means the films suffer from the hand of George Lucas. Still, it's Star Wars, and if you want to be a true fan you should probably own the two trilogies on disc in glorious high-definition. It's just a shame someone can't go back and give us remastered versions of the originals, mistakes and all. Oh wait. [Buy it Here]

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, $150/£100

Sleeping inside a tauntaun may keep you warm on the ice moon of Hoth, but it's not particularly hygienic and the smell is atrocious. Thankfully someone took away all the negative aspects to bring us the tauntaun sleeping bag. So you can keep yourself warm at night without the smell, both inside and outside. It even comes with a zipper shaped like Luke's lightsaber. [Buy it Here]

Jedi Robe Dressing Gown, £16

A dressing gown has a great many uses, but why settle for looking like Arthur Dent when you can pretend you're a Jedi instead? It's machine washable, plus it has a nice fluffy hood and huge sleeves for the proper Jedi pose. [Buy it Here]

Force FX Lightsaber (Kylo Ren), £174

There are many lightsabers on sale right now, but the crème-de-la-crème are the Force FX lightsabers. This one has got realistic light and sound effects, a hilt made of real metal, and a display stand so you can put it on show for everyone to see. [Buy it Here]

Chewbacca Hoody, £37

aguhwwgggghhh raaaaaahhgh huuguughghg uggguh aarrragghuuhw huuguughghg huurh wuuh raaaaaahhgh uughguughhhghghghhhgh? *ahem*. Sorry. As I was saying, everyone loves that giant walking carpet known as Chewbacca, right? Of course you do, which is why you shouldn't even consider not buying this fuzzy Chewbacca hoody. That last sentence was a Jedi mind trick. Did it work? [Buy it Here]

Darth Vader Edition PS4 Console, £399

Need a PS4? Might we suggest this Darth Vader themed console which went on sale to tie in with the release of EA's Star Wars: Battlefront. There's nothing too special about the console other than its looks, but it does look incredible. It's got a 1TB hard drive, a special themed controller (also sold separately), and a Deluxe Edition copy of Battlefront for PS4. You can also buy the game on its own on all three major systems. [Buy it Here]

Disney Infinity 3.0, from £30

The big selling point of Disney Infinity 3.0 is that, at long last, Star Wars has come to the world of toys-to-life gaming. That means not only do you get to play through a number of cartoony Star Wars levels, you actually get to display the characters you have on your shelf. Or play with them, whichever you'd prefer.

You can get the game's starter pack on all major consoles (no PC, sadly), but if you choose the PS3 or PS4 you also have the option of buying the special edition that includes Boba Fett, which has yet to be released separately. Don't forget the Force Awakens themed level, either. [Buy it Here]

Hot Toys Darth Vader, $300/£199

Hot Toys is known for its incredibly detailed figures, and many of them are from the Star Wars franchise. Picking can be tricky, but who better to purchase than the original dark lord of the Sith? It's got nine different palms, 30 points of articulation, and a light up lightsaber with sound effects. [Pre-Order it Here]

Millennium Falcon Quadcopter, £107

Drones are all the rage, but why go for something plain and drone-y when you can buy the Millennium Falcon instead? It comes with a remote that can control it up to 200ft away. It may not be able to do the Kessel Run, but it will do nicely for flying around the local park. [Buy it Here]

Sandtrooper Gaming Headset from Turtle Beach, £64.28

You're pulling off sick Force-choke kills in Star Wars: Battlefront, but you've got no means to call your enemies scruffy-looking nerf-herders as they fall. Enter this Turtle Beach-built headset, designed to look like a Sandtrooper's armour. A stereo headset with 50mm neodymium drivers, it'll work with PS4 and PC, as well as mobile and tablet devices. [Buy it Here]

Bladebuilder's Lightsabers, £55

Ever since we saw Darth Maul (the only truly good thing about Episode I) grace the big screen, every Star Wars fan has dreamt of their own custom lightsaber. Now you get to make them for yourself, using Bladebuilder's kit. Fancy yourself a light-trident? No problem! The possibilities are (almost) endless. [Buy it Here]

Nerf Stormtrooper Blaster, £40

Nerf guns are pretty safe, but this one is the safest of them all. You know, because it's a Stormtrooper's weapon. It fires darts up to 20 metres away, has a removable scope, and a 12-dart clip. [Buy it Here]

Royal Mail Star Wars Stamp Collection

Stamp collecting may not be your thing, but if you're seriously into Star Wars then you'll want to take a look at Royal Mail's commemorative stamps anyway. These would look great hung up on your wall, don't you think? [Buy it Here]

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