David Attenborough Laments Mankind's Solar Failures

By Gary Cutlack on at

David Attenborough is there and thereabouts at the Paris climate talks, using the focus of the world's media to get his point across. His point being that we should be investing in making solar power better and more efficient, rather than relying on carbon deposits older than the man himself.

Attenborough is reported as saying: "Goodness me... if we could catch one five-thousandth part of the energy that the Sun sprays onto the Moon, onto this globe every day, we would supply all the energy requirements of humanity. So how inefficient are we that we can’t get that much?"

Not sure. Very? The solution to energy issues and wars and suchlike is to make renewables cheaper so they're the obvious choice for developing nations and wealthier states able to make choices, with Attenborough explaining: "...the nations of the world, developed or undeveloped, would choose to use that rather than carbon-derived fuel so that the coal and oil which has caused so much trouble now will stay in the ground where it's out of trouble."

And he'd like the hunt for a renewable solution be made a unifying experience for mankind, adding: "Kennedy declared that 'in 10 years we'll put a man on the Moon'. It would be very nice if President Obama said: 'In 10 years we would have solved this problem'." [FXP]