Disney Paid £24,000 to Turn Nelson's Column Into a Giant Lightsaber

By Gary Cutlack on at

You've probably seen the photos of the London Star Wars premiere last night, where series stars paraded on a red carpet symbolising Jabba the Hut's tongue -- and even Harrison Ford managed to force the lower half of his face into a rough approximation of a smile shape for the world's media.

One of the most amazing images from the night showed Nelson's Column illuminated in lightsaber-style. The Greater London Authority was immediately hit with claims that it degraded the great memorial in the likes of the Daily Mail, admitting in its defence that it charged Disney an impressive £24,000 to rent out the pillar for a few hours -- money it says it will put into the future maintenance kitty for the statue and the square it stands in.

And that money was just to be allowed to pull off the stunt -- Disney will have paid more to get some blokes to light it up. Which is almost certainly going to work out for the best, seeing as most people within the tech community seem to like the film. [TFE]

Image credit: Twitter

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