Disney-Themed Mouse Mingle Has Made Online Dating Really Weird Again

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

If you’re sick of going on dates with people who aren’t as freakishly obsessed with The Lion King or The Jungle Book as you are, you’ll probably think Dave Tavres is a perfectly normal human being. He’s just created a dating site called Mouse Mingle, which he hopes will help Disney fans meet and fall in love. Just as we thought online dating had become fairly normal.

Like every other dating site, Mouse Mingle – sorry, the name makes my skin crawl – allows you to fill out a profile, add pictures and message other users. The twist is that you’re also invited to share your favourite Disney stuff, such as characters, songs and Disney-themed memories.

It all sounds sickly sweet, but if that’s what people want, that’s what people want. If, however, you come across a hook-handed guy with a weird moustache and a pirate hat, stay well away. Check that that baby-faced fella who claims he can fly is legal too. [Mashable]

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