Disney World Force Awakens Attractions Tease What's to Come from Star Wars Land

By Gerald Lynch on at

There has been an awakening. Have you sensed it? Have you heard the sound of a thousand marketing and merchandising agents the world over rubbing their hands together with glee at the the prospect of milking the Star Wars cow for all it's worth?

Ever since Disney bought up the rights to Star Wars, it was inevitable that a theme park based around the Lucas universe would be built – a fact we've known for some time now. While that's still very much an ongoing concern over in Florida, that's not stopping the Mouse House squeezing some bucks out of the Force Awakens hype with some new Star Wars themed experiences that shed light on what to expect from the fully-fledged park.

This Christmas (starting this week), visitors to Disney World will get the chance to head into the Star Wars Launch Bay, a new hub of attractions based on that galaxy far, far away.

A light side and dark side will let you visitors rub shoulders with Chewbacca and Darth Vader respectively, while kids can get "Jedi Training". The long-running Star Tours ride gets a Force Awakens makeover, with characters and scenes from the film now integrated.

"With an eye-popping digital presentation leveraging Dolby 3D to deliver a vivid and realistic experience, a dramatic musical score and motion simulator-based technology, guests are immersed in the Star Wars galaxy like never before on a theme park attraction," reads a statement from the resort.

There's even a 12 minute film explaining the franchise for whatever wierdo hasn't ever seen the films and yet still feels the urge to visit this themed corner of the park.

And, of course, there will be a tonne of utter, utter tosh to buy, at prices you can barely afford but can't avoid as you're locked within the gates of the Disney/ Star Wars bubble for the day:


Basically, if you've been to Universal's Harry Potter world, you'll know what to expect from the current and future Disney Star Wars attractions – plenty of fan service, rebrandings of current rides to spare expense, and a landfill's worth of plastic bearing that iconic logo. [WDW News Today Twitter]