Dolly Parton Creates Time Capsule With New Song We Can't Hear Until 2046

By Matt Novak on at

Music legend Dolly Parton turns 70 next month. And to celebrate she’s creating a time capsule to be opened on her 100th birthday. The capsule will contain plenty of unique pieces, but the most interesting item is a new song–a song we won’t be able to hear until the year 2046.

“What we’re gonna put in this is little pieces from my childhood, from the porch where I used to sit and sing with a tin can for a microphone, and a song I wrote this year called ‘My Place in History’. And I’m gonna open it when I’m 100...” Parton told the Today Show.

“And if I’m not around...” Parton continued.

“You’ll be here, Dolly,” the Today Show’s Willie Geist assured her.

“You know, I won’t be surprised,” Parton said.

All we know about the song so far comes from a snippet of the lyrics, which contain the line, “I hope I’ve earned it, and hope you still remember me.” It’s pretty safe to say that people will remember Dolly.

If the box we see in the Today Show interview is the entirety of the capsule, it’s probably a safe bet that they won’t be burying it. My guess would be that they’ll keep it somewhere in Dollywood. But we don’t know for sure. If they do decide to bury it, hopefully they’ll find an additional container to keep it safe. Because we all know how sloppy some buried time capsules can get.

[h/t Music News; Image via screenshot]

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