EE Tells Customers to Return Potentially Explosive Power Bars Immediately

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

When they were first made available ahead of the summer festival season, pretty much everybody not with EE considered switching over just for the freebie. However, less than a year down the line, the company has abandoned its Power Bar scheme.

EE yesterday asked Power Bar users to immediately stop using them and return them to its stores. Why? Because of serious safety concerns. Some units have suffered from overheating issues, with one -- belonging to a medical student, incidentally, -- actually exploding.


The company’s decided that customer safety is more important than saving face, and is abandoning the little battery packs. As things stand, they will not be replaced. When you return your Power Bar to an EE Store, you'll get a £20 voucher in return. A silver lining, I suppose.

Thanks for the tip, Darren!

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