EE Wins Next-Gen 4G Emergency Services Deal

By Gary Cutlack on at

The long awaited upgrade of the UK's emergency services communications system now has a start date and a name of who's going to be in charge, with EE winning the contract to ensure that our 300,000 emergency services workers can chat to each other about fires, terrorists, lost cats, and all the other important stuff they do to stop us being dead and on fire all the time.

The deal will see EE roll out voice-over-LTE and push-to-talk options to our services, with the new Emergency Services Network to begin transferring users some time during 2017. Of course, EE doesn't yet cover the entire country. To that end it'll be building over 500 new 4G sites to beef up coverage, plus introducing satellite backhaul to help keep our most remote spots up and connected. 

EE says us consumers should see the benefit too, as it'll be turning on the low frequency 800MHz spectrum at around 3,800 of its sites, which should hopefully boost signal coverage indoors. As long as it's not being used to coordinate some sort of emergency down your way, as there will be a priority use system in place to make sure that the needs of the services outweigh your need to watch embedded social media videos. [EE